The Creation of Chocolate Summer Night Feb19


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The Creation of Chocolate Summer Night

Is an extension of a very “impactful & powerful moment in time”

—by Houston’s own-Melody Warren, CEO Multifaceted Exquisite Events
the orchestrator of this special event.

Melody was inspired to create the idea of this annual event after experiencing a Hank Stewart performance during a trip to Atlanta in 2009. “Amazing was an understatement! All I could think about was sharing him with Houston” and then came the letter.

Dear Hank,

I just want you to know that you had this Houston native at hello! I was greatly impressed with you, Atlanta and White Linen. You were such a gracious host! I was amazed at your ability to make me feel that I was the only person in the room even though hundreds were around. Your passion and energy radiated through White Linen and made dreams come true. Your commitment to the community, kids and the arts was heartfelt. This was a classy upscale event that offered so many facets of entertainment and fulfillment of various levels. White Linen was special for me because it contained components that stimulated, intrigued, and educated the mind, body and soul. I was captivated by you and this event. It over exceed my expectations! You did a stellar job and Atlanta is lucky to have you. When I return home, I’m going to spread the word about this fabulous event, but my emphasis will be on the character & dedication of the man behind it….YOU… Thank you Hank for sharing this experience.

Melody—July 28, 2009

What is Chocolate Summer Night?

Chocolate Summer Night is an amazing array of artistic talent, music, poetry, and entertainment, wrapped with love = “chocolate” inspiration, motivation, and sophistication and style.

This event is breathtaking!!!!!  It’s guaranteed to deliver an exciting poetic and musical experience that will have you captivated. This classy upscale cast of Artists offers many facets of entertainment and fulfillment on various levels.  Their performance will leave you wanting more!  Hint……

Take a look at Chocolate Summer Night 2010

Hank Stewart’s new video “IT”

Check back soon for official date and location!